Worked Examples






Example NameInstructionsDownload 
Simple pond with a contaminant undergoing first-order decayInstructionsDownload
Colloid transport in one-dimensional soil columnInstructionsDownload
Discrete settling of multi-disperse particlesInstructionsDownload
Simple oxidation tank and clarifier for BOD removalInstructionsDownload
Aeration and BOD mineralization in a pondInstructionsDownload
Build-up and Wash-off from an impervious catchmentInstructionsDownload
Parameter estimation of nitrification based on multiple experimentsInstructionsDownload
Hydraulic model of a rain garden systemInstructionsDownload
One dimensional Darcy flow in one-dimensional systemInstructionsDownload
Two-dimensional flow in a confined aquiferInstructionsDownload
Two-dimensional flow and transport of a conservative contaminant in a confined aquiferInstructionsDownload
Two-dimensional flow in an unconfined aquiferInstructionsDownload
PID Aeration controlInstructionsDownload
Parameter estimation of aerobic BOD mineralization in an aerated pondInstructionsDownload
Evapotranspiraion based on single crop FAO-56 modelInstructionsDownload
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